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Click on the links below to download .pdf files of individual articles that have appeared in our Newsletter.

Audio files of most of these articles are available by clicking on the related Audio File link; you can return to the window for individual articles by clicking on the back button of your browser. Some articles have been combined into a single audio file (for instance, the three articles on Amy Wilson's Archaeological Day School and the two articles on the South Gilboa train station). We have also not generated audio versions on dated upcoming events (speakers, openings, socials) as they quickly lose their timliness.

The audio format was developed primarily for those with sight deficiencies, but they may also be useful for listening in your car. Please give us feedback as to the utility of the audio format for you.

We have processed these files with GHOST READER that electronically converts text files into a voice file. This is not an ideal procedure and I am currently low on the learning curve (for instance, I do not like the presentation of the title or author names at the start of each file or the pronounciation of certain words ["Schoharie" or "Minekill"]). Therefore, would you please review at least one of the audio files and email me your ideas for improvement in the presentation — I would like to get a complete catalog of changes before reprocessing all these files again.

Asterisked articles have been completed but have not yet been used in a Newsletter.

The Newsletter is published by the first of each March, June, and September and presents local history of the Western Catskills in the State of New York.

It is automatically mailed to members of the Gilboa Historical Society and on request to residents and property owners in the towns of Gilboa and Conesville. We would love to have you join our society and receive the physical Newsletter in this way — please click here for a membership application.

An electronic subscription to the Newsletter is free (please send your email address); and electronic downloads of our materials on this web site is free provided it is for non-commercial use and for your personal enjoyment only.

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